The Promo sleeve (Coffee cup sleeve) is a Card Board sleeve used for branding and fits the 250ml and 350ml Ripple and non Ripple Paper Cups.

The Coffee Cup Sleeve is mainly used for branding, but can be used for many other purposes:

· Use it as a Voucher

· Use it as a marketing tool … sell advertising space.

· Use it as a information card, during trade shows or expo’s

The reason why we developed the sleeve is because it could be run in smaller quantities.  If you want branded cups we can also do that but the volume is high. Minimum print run 50 000 cups.

The more sleeves you take the more cost effective it is.

We can run minimum 1000 sleeves to as many as you need.

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Paper: Hi-Q Titan Plus (Gloss), 250 g/m, White

Printing: Full Colour front only

Printing: Machine Varnish front only

Cut: Die Cut


Some Coffee Cup Sleeve Samples
3sleeves volvosleeve
bizhubsleeve loughoutloudsleeve


Same sleeve fits 8 Oz and 12 Oz Ripple and it also fits both the 8 Oz and 12 Oz Flat wall
8and12ripple 8and12flat
8ozripplesleeve 8ozflatwallsleeve
12ozripplesleeve 12ozflatwallsleeve


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